TUKUL 4: Melka Kunture Archaeology

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Karre I


The site of Karre I, discovered in 1976 and excavated in 1980, is located on the left bank of the Awash, in front of the site of Gombore I which was found on the right bank.


A dozen or so archaeological levels are present at Karre (localities 1, 2, and 3). At Karre I, five well defined archaeological levels are separated by fluvial strata containing reworked tuffs. These levels identified by the letters I, J, K, L and M, may be attributed to the Oldowan.


The identifiable faunal remains are quite rare. However, remains of hippopotamus, Bovids (in particular several antelopes) and elephants, represented by long bone fragments, have been identified. Besides mandibular fragments and teeth, also fragments of pelvis and scapulae, together with some vertebrae and ribs, are present.

Lithic industry

Tools on pebble are numerous (choppers, scrapers on pebble, etc.). The tools on flake are rare although unretouched flakes are frequent. The raw material employed is of volcanic origin: basalt, lava, trachyte and obsidian.





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