In the last structure, Melka Kunture Archaeology, the lithic and faunal finds of Melka Kunture and Balchit are presented with material dated to the Oldowan (1.7 Myr), to different Acheulean phases (1.0-0.2 Myr), to the Middle and Late Stone Age (0.2 Myr-4,000 BP), and to the modern times. In the centre of the building a round table with lithic and faunal objects allows visitors to touch and better observe the technology of Prehistoric Hominids.

Other sites

Next to the panels about some selected Melka Kunture sites that are present in the museum, in this website we also have information on other Melka Kunture localities:

Garba XII

Gombore Iγ

Karre I




TUKUL 4: Melka Kunture Archaeology

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