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The realization of this Virtual Museum is one of the main objectives of the Culture 2000 project “From the Past to the Present in Ethiopian Prehistory. An Interactive Museum for the Archaeological Park of the Early Palaeolithic site of Melka Kunture”. The Melka Kunture Virtual Museum is designed for students, educators, keen on prehistory, and the general public to enhance their understanding of the site of Melka Kunture and of the African Prehistory. The archaeological record is inserted in a large framework which contains geological, paleontological and palaeoanthropological information.


The Melka Kunture Museum consists in two parts: Four museal structures (Tukuls), where you can explore:

  1. the most important East African prehistoric sites and the protagonists of the African Prehistory (Tukul 1);
  2. the geological aspects of Melka Kunture and the principles of Geology and Volcanology related to them (Tukul 2);
  3. the history of the Human Evolution (Tukul 3);
  4. the archaeological, paleontological and palaeoanthropological records from Melka Kunture (Tukul 4).

Tukul 3, an internal view
Tukul 4, detail of the exposed materials from Gombore I
External view of Tukul 1, African Prehistory